Audience Targeted: Display & Video​ - Uses 1st and/or third-party data to target consumers based on demographics, behaviors, purchase history/intent, or brand affinity

Content Targeted: Display & Video​ - Aligns ad with relevant content at the article level based on content category and keywords

Search Retargeted: Display​ - Delivers ads to consumes with a relevant search history (based on keywords and phrases)

Email Marketing​ - Delivers messaging directly to inboxes of viable prospects with available match-back reporting

Retargeting: Display & Video​ - Retargets consumers who have visited the advertiser site

Website Targeted: Display & Video​ - Delivers ads to relevant sites based on topic

Native: Display & Video ​- Integrates messaging directly into the pages of national and local publisher sites, mirroring the form and style of editorial

CRM Matching​ - Onboards offline customer data to target those customers online, or create a custom Look-Alike audience with similar attributes 

Spark ​ - Leverage the power of today's technology and leverage Artificial Intelligence to drive conversions across a range of advertising channels.

Search Engine Marketing​ - Delivers ads next to relevant search results for the greatest opportunity to measure conversions

Radio​ - Deliver your message, at frequency to our loyal radio station listening  audience which pairs best with your ideal consumer.